Sitting on Aura is a real sensorial experience.

Stroking the warm, soft and velvety leather and smelling its unmistakable scent enables you to fully appreciate the value hidden in this seat.

Naturalness, elegance, emotion.

Is the leather, the high quality one, that makes Aura a unique piece: a new way of sitting, an element of design, a companion in your everyday life.

Aura is completely coated with full grain leather.

Maybe you do not know this, but full grain leather is used for the most exclusive pieces because of its beauty, strength and durability. It is simply the best.
The price of this specific material may be high, since the standards of quality are strict and a great number of exemplars are regularly rejected and used in less valuable processes.
To realize Aura’s coating circa 2.5 square meters of leather are needed. An uncountable value if one considers that a regular size bag needs 0.5/0.8 sqm of leather, a shoe 0.1/0.2 sqm and a belt less than 0.1 sqm.

But do not worry, no animal has been mistreated. The only type of leather being used comes from cattle already employed in the food industry. Every flur skin comes from the best French abattoirs, in order to assure the continuity of quality of our product.

Since the leather reached our tannery, 20 to 25 of work days are needed before the fabric is cut and ready to be sewed. For almost a month the leather is treated by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Over 12 steps of preparation.

Every step is crucial to guarantee right quality and beauty of the leather.
1. Soaking
The leather is inserted in the drum (a large container similar to a barrel with tightness and a rotating function) and left in the water for 24 hours to rehydrate the leather.
2. Liming
After being carefully controlled, particular products are being applied in order to remove the fur. After other 24 hours, the leather is ready to leave the drum.
3. Fleshing
The process goes on with the removal of any residual of fat from underneath the hides, which will be then employed for edible gelatin.
4. Rifting
The hides are rifted in the wished thickness. Among the numerous layers of leather, only the superficial one can be considered as full grain leather, the one where the fur used to be.
5. De-liming
The hides are washed once again to remove the possible waste left, so that the process that will slowly lower the pH value can start.
6. Pickle wash
In this face the leather pH continues to decrease, in order to begin with tanning.
7. Selection
After 24 hours the hides leave the drum to be pressed and remove the left water, afterwards the picker dives the hides and decides which dyes has to be applied after the tanning.
8. Tanning
The leather is now inserted again in the drum where the tanning product is completely soaked in to make the leather rotproof.
9. Dyeing
The hides are treated in the inside of the drum to let the selected dye soak in completely.
10. Fattening
The leather is now softened thanks to a fattening process in a water bath, enriched with essential oils.
11. Samming
The fabric is now hung to reduce once again the quantity of water left on the leather, in order to be able to straight it and remove possible wrinkles.
12. Drying
The hides are now hung to a chain and to get dry thanks to the exposition to the wind for 4 to 5 days. This slow process guarantees a better surface of the material.
13. Last Touches
Once all the previews processes are over, the finished fabric is ready for the last touches which will create personalized color effects, according to the client’s requests.
Thanks to the previously described processes our leather gains the necessary conditioning to become furniture.

As a natural material, the leather breaths. That is its fascinating side. Therefore, it is more delicate than other artificial materials.

But do not worry, we thought about you! Our continuous research enabled us to make our leather resist against water drops, avoiding swallowing or stains.

Aura is covered in water proof material; therefore, if cleaned fast and with care, after being in touch with liquids and food, it does not stain.

Pay attention: water-proof is not a synonym for water resistant. What does that mean? It means that Aura is 100% natural.

If the leather is resilient to everything, even long term water immersion, it has been through artificial treatments. A thick layer of plastic is being rubbed on the surface, making it lose all the value incapsulated in this material.

Aura’s leather is authentic. Its finishing on the surface is fine, highlighting the full grain leather which makes it beautiful to watch and enjoyable at the touch.

That is everything hidden behind the leather of Aura’s coating. A long process of tradition, experience and skilled craftsmanship, which combined make the real value of this seat.

By its naturalness

The best leather is the one on which one can still see the characteristics of the grain, as well as with a wooden table which, once treated, still shows its grains. When the same wood appears to be perfect, it means that you’re only looking at a layer of dye. The same applies to leather, which lacks the privilege of being natural when it appears to be perfect.

By the ability behind the cut

Every single piece of leather has to be carefully cut. The master craftsman, who knows the material, is ale to follow the fibre’s lead, making sure to maintain the material’s own elasticity. It’s the ability and the care behind every step that makes Aura able to last in time.

By the handmade sewing

The craftsman who knowingly assembles together two pieces of leather, is able to do it with unique care. The double seams, together with an internal strengthening, make Aura able to resist pressure up to 140 kilos.