With Aura you will feel like sitting on something unique.

To let you understand how Aura came to life let me tell you something about my company.

My story has its roots in the art of Italian craftsmanship of leather. For more than half a century our tannery has been creating some of the World’s best leather, thanks to knowledge passed down by generations of highly skilled artisans. This heritage dates back to the 30s with my grandfather, then my father and, finally, myself.

Our tannery adds the constant search for the new to the traditional craftsmanship, being one of the few able to claim to be part of the best and highest quality leather productions.

Thanks to my experience in this field I learned that the leather is the only ingredient of what’s kept underneath. It alive, it warm, soft and the bearer of a timeless beauty. There is no better fabric in the whole world.
When looking at that rubber fitball next to the tannery hides I thought that the highest possible quality of leather was the best solution to create a new seat.

After months looking for the best type of leather, studying the best cut and production processes, after days spend adjusting every small detail, Aura was born. The only sitting ball entirely coated in the best-handcrafted leather.

Sitting for hours is not a problem anymore. I feel phisically better and I can now focus longer and more efficiently. Every day I step into a work environment which is enriched by marvellous seats, I feel more productive and I am happy to work there.
Aura will be your new coworker, a design element which adapts to every contest, from a vintage office to a modern one, making every working space exclusive.
Leave painful days sat at your desk behind you and begin to feel better from the very first moment with the ultimate comfort solution for your mental and physical wellness.
You will appreciate the winding lines of its profile.
The unique smell of natural leather will make sitting by your desk enjoyable.
You will stroke the warm softness of a wonderful material.
You will feel the value of every contact.