Safe and stable

Do not be afraid of sitting on air
The inside of the ball is made in Italy with a plastic material able to last in time, in full respect of safety standards. The lower part has a highest and well-calculated density. This counterbalance makes it possible for the sit to be always stable thanks to a precise centre of mass. The portion touching the floor is coated with an anti-slide material, produced by local companies and made to maintain a constant grip on every type of surface..


Made completely in Italy

All the artisan knowledge in a design object
Aura is a tale of emotions. This seat incapsulates the excellence of the “Made in Italy”: master craftsmen’s ability, the sartorial research and the best manufactured leather. 2.5 square meters of material are used for the coating (which is an impressive amount of fabric, if considered that a regular size bag needs only a fifth of that amount for its realization). However, no animal is being exploited. The only type of leather being used comes from cattle already employed in the food industry. Every flur skin comes from the best French abattoirs, in order to assure the quality of our product. Since the leather reaches the tannery, 20 to 25 days of work are needed to complete the 12 steps processes needed to prepare the leather which will eventually be cut according to the design of the sitting ball. The leather is hand-sewed by skilled tailors. Every seam is doubled, with an internal support which ensures the durability of the product. This treatment is what makes it possible for Aura to bear up to 140 kg, without any demage for the fabric.